Inspirations that travel from thought through wax to metal to wearable works of art.

I've always been an artist. I've worked in a wide variety of media, but always felt I was strictly a two-dimensional designer specializing in pen & ink as well as computer design -- that is, until I took a jewelry class. I had been working with hand painted textiles and adding beadwork to them, but unhappy with the durability of my end product so took a jewelry class to see if I could learn any techniques to make those pesky beads stay on securely. After my very first night of class I had found a new passion - making jewelry.

So that was the beginning of my journey into the world of jewelry and sculpture in miniature. My work has evolved a great deal since that first class and I'm excited to keep following my path to see where it leads and what wonderful characters I will get to know and create along the way.

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